Apple iPhone XS 512GB

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Apple iPhone XS 512GB

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Apple iPhone XS 512GB



How Can I Sell My iPhone XS?

Selling your iPhone XSwith us is simple! We just need to ask you a few questions about the condition and health of the device and then we'll give you the best price we can offer. After this, you can book in your phone to be collected free of charge by DPD. Once we've received the phone and our experts have checked it over, you get paid!

How Much Is My iPhone XS Worth?

This depends on a few different things. Mainly the condition and health of your phone but other factors such as storage and age also come into consideration when reBuy offers you a price. Run through our questions to find out!

What happens after reBuy buys my iPhone XS?

After we've received your iPhone XS we determine whether it can be put back in to circulation or not. If it can, it'll be repaired and/or refurbished to looks as good as new! If the device is beyond repair and has been badly water damaged for example, we will try and salvage it's internal compenents and put them back on the market to try and save other phones.

Can I sell a broken iPhone XS?

You sure can. What reBuy will consider broken is problems with the phones charging ability, speakers, a broken screen, dents and buttons not fuctioning properly. As long as you declare these when selling your phone with reBuy when receiving a quote, we'll give you the best price we can.